Are you keen to automate your raw materials handling?

We support you in the different stages of your project:
Since the design of an automated, flexible and energy efficient solution,
Engineering, coordination and planning with the various equipment suppliers and stakeholders,
Until it is implemented on time

Our solutions

Technosilos caters for reliable automation of raw materials in the food, chemical and plastics industries.
We deliver customers ranging from medium size to large operations.
Our solutions cover areas for intake and storage, conveying, mixing, metering, and weighing of the raw materials in powder and liquid form in Large, medium, and small quantities.

Technosilos AP

Offers specific processes for the food industry and mixing facilities:
Baking, Cakes, Cereals, Flour mixing & premix plants, Confectionary, Cream preparation
One of our strengths is retrofit, whether it is upgrading or expanding existing facilities to meet current and future requirements.

Technosilos for Liquids ©

Is the liquids and specialized division for pasty and viscous products: Preparation of creams, Mixing Pasteurization and Cooling, Dosage of Margarines and fats, Preparation of levains and Liquid ferment

Technosilos Automation

Brings together the Automation and control activities: studies, manufacturing, integration, 24/7 service

Our values

Our goal is to supply:

  • Automated and safe solutions
  • Innovative processes to avoid cross-contamination
  • “Open” systems to meet the present needs and future expansions of our customers
  • Easy to clean and hygienic design
  • Reduce dust emissions
  • Reduce energy consumption

All our actions are guided to achieve customer satisfaction. The advantages for our customers are:

  1. Repeatable and Consistent quality of end products
  2. Compliancy with Health & Safety standards
  3. Mastering cross-contamination
  4. Documented and tracked batches

Automate your raw materials with Technosilos!

Technosilos is a human-sized, flexible and responsive company, relying on the experience and creativity of its engineers. We represent a workforce of more than 200 people through our various Competence Centers and over 40 years of expertise working daily and with passion to offer you industrial and sustainable solutions.
Big names in the food industry call on Technosilos. We are leader in several countries around the world and the leading supplier to the food industry in Italy.

  • Since 1980
  • Group headquarters near Bologna, Italy
  • 1,500 installations in operation in 83 countries
  • 180,000 m3 of storing facilities installed
  • 15,000 tonnes of ingredients conveyed daily