Dosing and Tracking

Dosing & Tracking

Control and trace all the manufacturing steps and the dosing results

Manage recipes and planning
Manage allergens
Inventory management
Compliance with legal and / or company-specific directives
Interface with ERP systems


Technosilos Automation brings together Technosilos Automation and Control activities: engineering, integration, 24/7 service
We design, develop and commission formulation management software in the form of PLCs / operator interfaces (PLC-HMI), or PC supervisors (SCADA-HMI). All ingredients, solids and liquids, in large and small quantities, and manual additions are measured, traced, documented, in strict compliance with the formulations.
The HMI allows the control and visualization of the Work In Progress at the operational level (production).
The management level is covered by the supervision software (SCADA) and allows the formulation of complex recipes to alternate products dosed automatically, manual additions, and intermediate mixing phases. Simple and user-friendly, the SCADA software facilitates the overview and control of the system, and allows easy planning management for allergen recipes.
The open system architecture supports the use of components such as barcode readers and RFID technology. All incoming raw materials and manufacturing steps can thus be automatically identified and traced to manage possible recalls.
The database allows the integration of data from an internal information system such as an ERP. MES functions and additional warehouse management modules can be implemented.

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