Fluid Air® Flour Cooling System

Fluid Air® Flour cooling System


  • From 30°C in silo to 14°C in mixer
  • Provides uniform temperature of the dough throughout the year
  • Avoids addition of ice
  • Improves mixing
  • Low operating cost
  • (no CO2)


Flour cooling is required in automated operations to maintain a uniform temperature of the dough and avoid the addition of the ice.
The Fluid Air© system allows to cool the flour dispensed from silos, as well as regulating the temperature by programming a set point.


The flour is mixed with cold air in an intermediate hopper located in between the flour silos and the flour dispensing station.
The cold air is generated by a heat exchanger and continuously circulates in the bin via a high pressure fan and a fluidizing bed.
The air is perfectly homogenized with the flour to give a uniform temperature.
A temperature probe monitors the temperature of the flour and control the heat exchanger till the set point of the temperature.

Throughput from 1 to 2 t/h per unit
Cooling up to 16° from the initial temperature (Δ T 16°C)
The bin is insulated and jacketed to guarantee optimum cooling and prevent condensation.


Food, bakery and mix industries

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