Sponge and sourdough processes

Sponge and sourdough processes


  • Single or 3 feeds cycle with Clean starters or Yeast dough
  • Continuous monitoring of the pH
  • Cooling to 4°C
  • Easy to integrate and to extend
  • Hygienic & CIP-able
  • Industrials Fermenters 1 000 to 7 000 l – cap. 1 000 to 80 000 Kg /24h
  • Individual Fermenters 300 – 500 l


We supply individual fermentation tanks, as well as fully automated plants with CIP for the continuous production of sourdough.
Our liquid ferment tanks operate from wheat and rye flour / with Clean starters or Yeast dough / on single or 3 feeds cycle.
Each individual tank permits to Mix / Ferment / and Cool the preparation for holding. Ingredients are metered, mixed and homogenized thanks to the impeller and the agitation tools. The mix ferments upon a set time of 3 to 24 hours. The fermentation process is controlled with set temperatures and time, and/or by continuously monitoring the pH value. The mix is then cooled for holding to a given temperature of 4 to 6°C.
For the preparation of “levain”, the batch is homogenized with 20-30 % yeast dough (mother).
For continuous applications, the yeast dough is automatically circulated between tanks enabling for complete cleaning and ensuring continuous production at same time.


  • Tanks capacities from 1.000 l to 7.000 l for single preparations
  • Multiple tanks for continuous operation up to 80.000 Kg/24h
  • Tanks on load cells to continuously monitor level / for metering ingredients
  • Discharge via volumetric dosing or weighing
  • The pH control monitors the pH value and the temperature for continuous monitoring of the fermentation process
  • Cooling system inclusive insulation
  • CIP (optional)
Available solutions
  • Individual Fermenters 300 – 500 l


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