Heat Exchanger for cream preparation

Heat Exchanger for cream preparation


  • Turn key preparation for Oil or Water base cream
  • Melter model FO, for solid fats melting
  • Process tank model PCSD for mix preparation
  • Process tank model PC for product holding
  • Scrape Surface Heat Exchanger model HD for pasteurization and crystallization
  • CIP cleaning station


The filling creams are mixes/emulsions of water, sucrose, corn syrup, milk, fats (butter or vegetable), chocolate, fruits, emulsifier.
The ingredients are metered with flow meters or weighed in a batch mixer for preparation. Solid fats (butter, palm oil…) must be melted before metering. The mix is then transferred into a jacketed buffer tank with agitator. Due to the high product viscosity, positive pumps are used to transfer the product in a continuous flow to the pasteurizing and cooling/crystallizing Scrape Surface Heat Exchangers. During this operation nitrogen or filtered air can be injected in the product. The finished cream can be directly spread over the product or filled into containers for distribution.

Scrape Surface Heat Exchanger is used for pasteurization of oil in water (O/W) emulsions with an Aw from 0,75 to 0,87


The scraped surface heat exchangers (SSHE) are specifically used for viscous creams that tend to change viscosity throughout the thermic process (heating and/or cooling).
In the heating section, the SSHE are steams jacketed and equipped with blades to scrape the product off the surfaces, in order to prevent burning and consequent dangerous depositing residues on the exchange surface.
Different plants capacity from 150 – 3.000 kg /h
Flexibility for extended throughput


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