Process of Liquids and semi-liquids

Oils, eggs, liquid chocolate
Preparation of Creams and Sauces
Sponge & Sourdough plants
Process tanks for Mixing| Heating | Cooling


Technosilos Liquids © is the fluids division of Technosilos for Liquid and Semi-liquid processes.
We offer storage, transfer and temperature maintenance solutions for products as varied as oils, eggs or liquid chocolate, as well as turnkey solutions for the production of layer cakes: filling cream and sponge cake, and their extrusion.
In the production of these complex products, parameters such as consistency, homogeneity, smooth handling, process times, end product stability and repeatability play a key role.
Creams are generally made in batches by combining a preparation tank and a production tank. SSHE Scraped Surface Exchangers allow continuous pasteurization and crystallization.
The PCSD15 process tanks allow Mixing, Cooking, Cooling and are ideal for the production of mayonnaise, ketchup, sauces, soups.

Solutions available
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