Minor Ingredients Batching systems

Minor Ingredients Batching systems


  • Precise weighing
  • Consistent quality of mixes
  • High batch throughputs
  • Fast recipes change-overs
  • Flexible production schedules
  • Contamination and Dust free
  • Automatic batch reporting & tracking


Automated batching of minor ingredients is requested where mass productions request accurate, consistent and repetive mixes.
TECHNOSILOS’s batching systems allow for fast recipe change-overs as well as contamination and dust free dosing.
The accuracy of the weighing units allows achieving a constant high quality output while reducing waste production at the same time.


The surge hoppers are fed from sacks or bigbags, each have their own discharge, metering and dosing units scaled to the specific raw material.
Vibration bins or mass flow extractors ensure reliable transfer even for small components with poor flowing characteristics. The metering screw with locking valve guarantees highly accurate dosing into a central weight hopper.
From the hopper, the product is pneumatically conveyed to the mixer.


Brochure technologie des mélanges industriels

Industrial Mixing Technologies

Brochure industries des produits alimentaires, boulangeries et mélanges

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