Industrial Mixing Technologies for Premix and Ready-mix formulas

Mixing, drying, heating, moistening
Preparation of powdered, fragile or viscous mixes
Mixing and packing in line
Sanitary and cleanable design

Technologies de Mélange industriel pour les premix et les mélanges prêt à l’emploi


For several decades, Technosilos has been designing complex systems for handling raw materials in various branches of the food, plastics, and chemical industries. The mixing of powdered and liquid materials, as well as the heating, cooling, drying and moistening processes are at the heart of our processes and are part of Technosilos’ recognized expertise.
Our “cleanable design” solutions not only guarantee food safety and control of cross-contamination, but also increased productivity by reducing cleaning time, recipe change intervals and maintenance.

The mixers and the dosing-mixing-packing process are selected as follows:
›The nature of the raw materials used
›The task at hand: mixing, granulating or humidifying
›The mixing flow rate to be achieved (dosing / mixing / emptying)
›Cleaning requirements to avoid cross contamination
The horizontal HPM and CSM conical mixers allow high precision mixes to be obtained, always identical, with uniform distribution both in terms of color and grain size, whether it is intensive or delicate mixing.
Liquid components such as fats and oils can be added to the moving mixture through spray nozzles in order to hydrate or achieve granulation of the product. The heat exchanger is used to coat the products by heating and then cooling the mixture.

Solutions avalaible

Batch mixing bakery mixes

Batch mixing

Mélangeur à vis conique CSM

Mélangeur conique CSM

Mélangeur continu HPMC

Continuous mixing for flour correction

Mélangeur continu HPMC

Dissolvers solids/liquids


Industrial mixing technologies

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