Outdoor storage silos


  • Sanitary & Food grade storage
  • Maintenance free
  • Durable and reusable material

For storing bulk materials in the food, plastic and chemical industries.
Our weather-proof silos are erected outdoor on a concrete pad.
They are filled from bulk tankers via an intake pipe.


Silos are made of non-corroding and weather-resistant Stainless steel or AlMg3 aluminum alloy which fulfils the sanitary requirements for food. The standard silos are designed for a calculated pressure of +45/-5 mbar and a bulk density of 0.6 kg/l.
Vibrating bin extractor allows for a FIFO discharge. Fluidizing beds or aeration nozzles can be used upon the materials stored and for larger extracting throughputs.
Other accessories such as load cells, air filters, pressure or level sensors are supplied according application. Silos can also be insulated.

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