Screening in-line

Screening in-line


  • Efficient, economic screening
  • High output
  • Automatic discharge of coarse product
  • Sturdy construction
  • Simple maintenance
  • Easy to operate


Vibrating sifter for sifting out foreign materials, dissolving of product lumps and fluidizing the product in pressure-tight operation, respectively pneumatic conveying systems.
Coarse material is discharged via a separate tailings container and the product sifted is transported to a collecting cone where it can be further handled.
The sifter can quickly be exchanged by taking off the lid.


The material feeds via the inlet pipe of the sifter. The fines drop through while coarse particles such as contamination and agglomerates are carried on and discharged continuously. The screen fabric, which is mounted on rings, vibrates freely and therefore cleans itself automatically.
The screen can be exchanged easily and in a short time.
An inspection door at the screener body makes it possible to check the surface of the screen.
Vibration screeners may also be used to screen the powder through bag tipping stations. This helps to reduce the risk of contamination from clumps of shredded paper, screw drivers and other hazardous items.

  • Construction: Stainless steel bead blasted finish
  • Sieve material: Polyamide, carbon or stainless steel
  • Screen passage: 800 microns – 4 mm (depending product and sieve capacity)
  • Throughput rate: 3.500 – 6.000 kg/h


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