Silo and discharge systems for the storage of raw materials in large volumes

Maintenance free
Hygienic and food compliant
Complies with ATEX 94/9 / EC Directives
First batch in, first out

silos de stockage aluminium


Technosilos supplies silos for the storage and extraction of bulk materials in the plastics, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The silos are made of stainless steel or aluminum depending on the nature of the products stored.
AlmG3 food-grade aluminum alloy silos have established themselves as the world standard for the storage of flour and sugar. Resistant to corrosion and weather, they are installed outside the premises and supported on a metal frame, or on the ground on a concrete foundation.
High Tenacity Polyester (HTP) silos are ideal for storing materials inside premises. They are an economical alternative to steel silos.
Mixing / homogenizing silos are used for the homogenization of granules, grinded or densified materials, and for the recycling and compounding of plastics. They are also used in flour mills to homogenize different batches of flour.
The silos are filled by tankers or a bag unloading station through a pneumatic filling pipe with quick coupling. Accessories such as filters, level sensors and discharge systems complete the silo. Silos can be fitted with load cells for real-time stock inventory.

Solutions available

Outdoor silos

flour silos technosilos ap

Indoor silos

Mixing silos

big bag discharge

Big bag discharge systems


Industrial mixing technologies

Process equipment and services for industrial bakeries, premix and food processing plants

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