Ice and StreamIce® Liquid Ice


  • Automatic Dosing of the ice
  • Salt free
  • Pumpable over long distances
  • Extra fast cooling
  • Integrated CIP
  • Made in Germany

Technosilos offer ice plants for Micro ice, Chip Ice or Liquid Ice. From few kilos to several tons per day.
Micro ice fully melts during the first 30 seconds of dough mixing, therefore increasing the cooling efficiency together with reducing the mixing time.
StreamIce® Liquid Ice is a pumpable solution to avoid the manual handling of the ice. It is particularly suitable in cold dough processes where the chilled water is no longer sufficient to achieve the appropriate dough temperatures.


StreamIce® consists of a solution composed of micro ice crystals in a solution of pure water, without salt addition. Both the Micro Ice Crystals and Chilled Water are accurately mixed in accurate proportions. The solution can be pumped over long distances, and dosed automatically and accurately into mixers using flow meters. Several mixers can dispense at same time.

  • Optimal cooling capacity thanks to perfect temperature of the ice (-0,5°C)
  • Extra-fast cooling – less mixing energy is required/li>
  • Integrated CIP system ensures automatic cleaning and disinfection of the machines/li>
  • Adjustable ice/water mix offers a scalable cooling energy to control the dough temperature/li>
  • All machines designed with a completely closed water cycle and without any moving parts in the refrigeration cycle/li>
  • Refrigerant R452A (Freon gas)/li>
  • Water temperature 0°C, temperature of Ice crystals -0.5°C/li>
  • Available capacities for StreamIce® solutions : 4.000 – 35.000 l/24h in one system

Technosilos AP and Ziegra have agreed on a mutual cooperation for integrated solutions.
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