Innovative Technosilos technology centre

Our new materials lab provides testing services for trying out new recipes in real time, and carrying out trials to optimise your plant and business potential.

Our test lab allows you to assess the reaction of your raw materials in a pneumatic conveying environment. For example you can check the level of fines obtained on crystal sugar with lean or dense phase methods and for distances of several meters to hundred meters! – Or check by coring the mixing rate achieved of your materials with several mixing tools.

At our food technology centre in Forli, we can provide you with all the necessary testing to make sure your new recipes works in your system and how your system can be altered to handle the recipe.
Several hours of production can be observed in real time to identify possible blockages or bottlenecks.By optimizing the results, the investment can be reduced.
Our simulation system has been developed in cooperation with the University of Bologna.

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