Control the temperature of product by cooling the raw material

Uniform temperature of the dough by Cooling the flour
Heating – drying – cooling of powders
Preparation of Sponges and sourdoughs
Preparation of Creams, Sauces, Semi-liquids

Contrôle de la température du produit fini en refroidissant la matière première

The consistency of product depends to a large extent on the uniform temperature of the product and the raw materials.
The FluidAir(c) fluidized bed heat exchanger cools the flour and regulates its temperature. FluidAir (c) is also used for drying fluidizable powders.
The Technosilos WMU water mixing and dosing unit supplies the process water at the temperature required to achieve the specified final dough temperature. This feature makes it possible to obtain a uniform temperature of the dough from January to December, without manually calculating the water temperature.

The productions of Creams, Sauces and Liquid ferments are directly dependent on the mixing temperature process.
PCSD process tanks combine mixing and thermal treatment of materials: cooking, pasteurization, cooling. SSHE scraped surface heat exchangers allow continuous pasteurization and crystallization of creams.

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