Vacuum weighing systems


  • Dust free, closed system
  • Gentle and low-wear for materials
  • Accurate
  • Flexible for future expansions

Vacuum conveying is used when a dust free work environment matters. It is best employed where the product is conveyed from several feeding points (bag tipping station or silos), to one delivery point.
The delivery point can be for example a dough mixer or a cooking vessel.
The conveyed materials are accurately weighed before they dispense.


Vacuum weighing systems mainly consist of:

  • A metering device to control the infeed of the powder into the pneumatic circuit
  • A pneumatic conveying circuit with a vacuum blower and the releavant diverter valves
  • A vacuum weighing receiver

The heart of the vacuum pneumatic system is the vacuum blower that operates within a pressure ranging from 400 to 800 mbar. The receiver separates the bulk material and conveying air through a filter.
The conveying circuit is emptied in between batches, therefore several materials can be conveyed within the same pipework.

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