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Batch mixing


  • Fast and intensive mixing < 120 sec.
  • High mixing accuracy
  • Addition of oil and liquids
  • Easy cleaning and access for inspection< 120 sec.
  • Perfect homogeneity and reproducibility of the mix
  • Cleanable design
Batch mixing bakery mixes


Industrial applications of batch mixing

The fluid bed HPM mixer is the ideal machine to obtain highest quality mixtures in perfectly reproducible batches with capacities from 2 to 20 t/h per packing line.
It not only works for complex premix and ready-mix formulas for bread, cakes and specialty bakery products, but also for soup and ice cream powders
It is suitable for mixing of solid materials in powder and granular form, with the addition of oil and liquids up to 10% (moistening + granulation)
The particular shape, the position and the speed of rotation of the mixing tools create a centrifugal swirling movement that enables materials to be projected in three-dimensional manner and to mix. This ensures that components with different particle size and density are perfectly blended with high precision within the shortest possible time.
The formation of dead spots or slow-movement zones in the mixing drum is prevented ensuring precise mixing.

Cleanable design, Chamber cleaning with extractable rotor

The solution with fully extractable rotor shaft on suspended guides allows the operator to easily access each point within the mixing chamber, allowing complete cleaning of the same and the rotor shaft. An excellent solution for use in industries where cleaning of the equipment after every recipe change is of fundamental importance.


Technical characteristics of batch mixing

The fluid bed batch-mixer consist of a mixing drum vessel with an inlet, an outlet with discharge valve and a venting spout, a full material mixing shaft, two drum closing end plates that carry flanged end bearing assemblies complete with integrated air purged shaft seals, and a drive unit complete with power transmission.
Various sizes and design features allow custom designed solutions for specific material characteristics.
High-speed choppers can be installed for the addition of liquids and eliminate lumps.
Large cleanout doors guarantee quick cleaning and inspection.

  • Capacity: 400 to 8,000 litres per batch
  • Mixing ratio: 1/100,000
  • Heavy-duty mixing chamber manufactured from 304 / 316 stainless steel
  • Wide range of mixing tools available (ploughshare, paddle)
  • End bearing assemblies with air purged shaft seals or grease sealing
  • Possibility of adding up to 10% of oil and liquids (moistening + granulation)

Available accessories include:

  • Discharge valve in hygienic design
  • Cleanable design
  • Liquid spray injection systems
  • Choppers
  • Jacketed housing for indirect heat exchange: Granulation, Drying, Sterilizing
  • PT 100 temperature probes
  • Different surface treatments
  • Dust explosion rated design (ATEX)

Available in hygienic design

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