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Conical Screw mixer CSM


  • Gentle mixing, without generating heat
  • High mixing quality
  • Complete discharge
  • Addition of liquids
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Industrial applications of conical screw mixer CSM

The CSM conical screw mixer is especially suited for delicate products and processes where low-intensity mixing is required. It is ideal for frequently changed formulas for its conical design allowing for complete discharge.


Technical characteristics of conical screw mixers

The CSM screw mixer consists of a vertical rotating chamber with conical outlet, top drive units and mixing screw. The screw lifts the materials in a spiral upward flow. The tank orbits the arm to remove the materials away from the surfaces and deflects them into centre of vessel, causing convective mixing of particles and shear by the combination of Axial mixing by the screw + Radial mixing by shape of the cone + Tangential mixing by the arm.

  • From 200 to 10,000 l
  • Minimum batch possible 10 %
  • Mixing time 5-15 minutes
  • Mixing precision of min. 1:100.000
  • Variable speeds adapted to the mixing product
  • Large feeding door for manual additions
  • Liquid addition devices
  • Jacket for heating and cooling
  • Safety features


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