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Continuous mixing for Flour correction


  • Fine addition and perfect mixing of Improvers into Flour
  • Continuous flow, reduced labor
  • Continuous dosing, controlled, perfectly dosed and tracked
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Industrial applications of Continuous mixing for Flour correction

The Dosing-Mixing station allows to correct the flours by continuously incorporating and homogenizing improvers with Wheat flour.
It is ideally located before of the packing silos (packaging or tanker loading). The incorporation rates can vary as follows :

  • Ascorbic acid : 0,003-0,006% of the total flour rate
  • Amylase : 0,007-0,120%
  • Gluten : 0,300-1%
  • Soy bean : 1%
  • Malt : 0,010-0,100%
  • Improvers : 0,600-3%


Technical characteristics of Continuous mixing for Flour correction

Six (6) differential feeders are used to dose the ingredients, these can be volumetric or loss-in-weight.
The feeders can be manually or automatically refilled from holding hoppers upon a refilling alarm.
A PLC allows for recipe formulation together with receiving the flour flow data. This ensures that the dosing rate of each feeder immediately varies according to the flour rate.
Mixing is carried out by a continuous homogenizing screw with 3 dimensional mixing tools.
Dosing rates from 0,003% to 6%.
Mixing rates :

  • 6-10 t/h
  • 10-20 t/h/li>
  • 20-40 t/h/li>


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