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Water temperature control WMU


  • PLC base water meters
  • No pre-run water!
  • MID magnetic sensor
  • Extremely precise > 0,5%
  • Industrial design for 24/7 production
Water temperature control wmu


Industrial applications of temperature control with WMU water meter units

We deliver open wall mounted and built-in Water Meter Units (WMU) to deliver extremely accurate water batches, both with quantity and temperature.
Our Water Meter Units are standard PLC base. They offer multi-bus and interface options to connect to others recipe controllers via Modbus, Profibus, Ethernet.


Characteristics of Water temperature control WMU

All installed parts are industrial standard and intended to be used in 24/7 production.
All parts are designed to be replaced in a quick and easy manner if maintenance is necessary to keep production running.
There are no moving parts in the system! The quantity and the temperature are metered/measured by magnetic sensor (MID) and operate WITHOUT PRE-RUN to avoid waste of chilled or heated water.

  • 3 x Water supply (Ice, City, Hot)
  • 2 x Water Outlet
  • Flow up to 70 l/min (1” version)
  • Temperature accuracy > 0,5%
  • Dosing accuracy > 0,5%
  • Max dosing volume: unlimited
  • Min dosing volume: 20 kg for accuracy > 1%
  • Max hot water temperature supply ~155F (70°C)
  • Synchronized intakes ensure proper temperature water every time
  • Integrated temperature-sensor Class AA
  • Integrated contact free flow sensor (magnet.-inductiv)
  • PLC Siemens S7-1200 and Operator touch panel in separate stainless steel enclosure
  • Start/Stop/Pause-inputs for external request (start-stop function).
  • Integrated Profinet interface for external control. Further option for interface Profibus, Device net, Modbus, Seriell
  • All valves 24VDC
  • Wide range power supply 100 – 240VAC
  • Complete mounted, ready for installation
1” version
  • up to 70 l/mn (150 lbs/min)
  • 1″ connections and valves
  • 5.7″ operator panel in stainless steel enclosure 500mm x 500mm x 210mm
3/4 version
  • up to 60 l/mn (100 lbs/min)
  • 3/4″ connections and valves
  • 4″ operator panel in stainless steel enclosure 380mm x 380mm x 210mm


Food, bakery and mix industries