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Fermenters 300 and 500 l


  • Stand-alone fermenters 300 and 500 l
  • Heavy-duty and hygienic
  • Production over 1 or 3 cycles, from starters or mother sourdough
  • Heating/Cooling Functions
  • Siemens PLC and HMI
fermenter 500 l


Stand-alone fermenters for preparing levain.

We offer 300 or 500 l. industrial fermenters for the production and holding of sourdoughs and levain.
Our fermenters operate from wheat and rye flour, from starters or mother sourdough. The ingredients are measured, mixed and homogenized using a paddle stirrer. Different programs are available to control the rotation cycle of the blades in phases (3 phases) and for each cycle (hot/cold) over a period of 3 to 24 hours. The mixture is then cooled to maintain a temperature of 4 to 6° C.

By playing with the mother sourdough and the temperatures, you can easily vary the ratio between acetic acid and lactic acid, to obtain regular, rich breads with a slightly lactic taste or more “acidic” flavors. The combined action of the agitation and cooling jacket allows rapid and even cooling – without destroying bacteria – and holding product up to 3 days (without refreshing). Our fermenters will allow you to keep your mother sourdough for several days and make your refreshments in optimal hygienic conditions.


Technical characteristics of the fermenters for preparing levain

Our fermenters are designed with hygienic standards and heavy-duty for use in an industrial environment. They consist of a triple-jacketed stainless-steel tank with a removable agitator, a large access hatch for feeding the raw materials, a modular drain valve, a touch screen HMI for formulating the mixing & fermentation cycles.

The raw materials are introduced via the access hatch, then gently mixed to obtain a slurry without lumps and a homogeneous temperature. The rotation speed (rpm) and stirring frequency (stirring time/rest time) are adjustable during the different cooling phases. These parameters can be adapted according to the quantity and vivacity of the desired ferment. Fermentation is then blocked by cooling the envelope. A copper coil surrounds the walls and the bottom of the tank for the circulation of the heating and cooling fluid. A hot/cold group provides the calories necessary to control the temperature of the mixture during the different manufacturing cycles.
The intuitive touch screen HMI allows you to quickly change the settings to adapt the fermentation: the blade rotation cycle can be personalized by phases (3 phases) and for each cycle (hot/cold). The current temperature of the levain, target temperature, current program stage, and operating time remaining in the program are displayed.
The removable hygienic drain valve allows you to control the desired sourdough level or completely drain the machine.
Mobile, our fermenters are ready to use and can be immediately integrated into the workshop. Their hygienic design allows for easy cleaning. The materials used respect all the constraints linked to the food environment: the stirring tool and the tank scraper are, for example, removable without tools and easily cleanable.

  • Triple-walled stainless-steel tank with insulation
  • Total volume 300 or 500 l. (the useful volume depends on the density of the levain during fermentation)
  • Integrated heating and cooling functions by liquid circulation
  • Hot/cold group (+ 20% propylene glycol)
  • Removable stainless-steel agitator with wall and tank bottom scraper
  • Modular hygienic drain valve
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Stainless steel IP cabinet with Siemens PLC
  • Siemens touch screen operator interface
  • Mobile tank on 4 stainless steel wheels
  • Power 4-6 kW / 3 x 400 VAC / 50 Hz
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