Indoor HTP silos


  • Made of HTP High Tenacity Polyester – antistatic
  • Food compliant, hygienic, and safe
  • Economical
  • ATEX compliant Directive 94/9/EC
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Industrial applications of indoor silos

Indoor storing silos and discharge systems for bulk flours.
The silo is designed for loading from bulk tankers or a bag tipping station. The product is fed into the silo through the filling pipe and the air is filtered by the silo fabric, ensuring a safe, hygienic and clean environment. The product is extracted through a vibrating bin for further screw or pneumatic conveying. The silos can be equipped with instrumentation such as level sensors, load cells for live inventory or pressure sensors.


Technical characteristics of indoor silos

The TECHNOSILOS flour silos are manufactured from High Tenacity Polyester (HTP).
Our HTP silos are about twice as strong as regular tenacity polyester silos.
They are breathable for extremely healthy storage and allow for safe and clean storage conditions.

  • Structural frame and accessories in stainless or galvanized steel
  • Antistatic fabric according to IEC Guide CLC / TR 50404
  • Storage capacity from 5 to 65 m3
  • Dimensions from 1500 x 1500 to 3800 x 3800, height up to 7 m
  • Load capacity up to 25000 kg/h
  • For bulk materials with density up to 1.2 kg/m3
  • ATEX Directive 94/9/EC compliant


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