Mixing silos


  • Homogenization of batches
  • Regular / consistent quality of stored products
mixing silos
mixing screw
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Industrial applications of mixing silos

The Mixing silos are used to mix / homogenize different batches of a same product.
They are used by Ingredients and raw material manufacturers before packers, in flour mills as storing silos or tanker loading silos.

In the plastics industries, mixing silos are used for recycling and compounding plastics (PE, HDPE) and more generally for mixing raw materials in the form of ground materials, pellets or aggregates.


Technical characteristics of mixing silos

The silos are equipped with a vertically inserted mixing screw, allowing the homogenization of the stored products by moving the material up from the cone to the roof of the silos.
The silos are made of food-grade AlmG3 Aluminum and available in a self-supporting skirt or gantry version for capacities from 7 to 60 m3
Design according to the Eurocodes and in accordance with the “machines” (2006/42 / CE) and “Atex” (94 / 91CE) directives in terms of safety.

  • Diameters available from 1,900 to 3,340 mm
  • Storage volume from 7 m3 to 60 m3


Industrial Mixing Technologies

Food, bakery and mix industries