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Technosilos OEE


  • Real-time machine data
  • Measure overall line efficiency
  • Optimize performance (KPI)
  • Preventive maintenance
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Technosilos OEE is a cloud solution for real-time data monitoring, enabling better production management.

It provides preventive analysis of data collected from sensors and instrumentation to optimize performance, reduce maintenance costs and extend equipment life. By providing real-time access to equipment data, Technosilos helps its customers to better manage their production by tracking dosing/mixing process times, tracking machine availability and performance (KPI), and thus measuring the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

How it works

The Technosilos OEE solution combines software with sensors and instruments compatible with the Internet of Things (IoT). Data is collected and sorted to manage and visualize the dosing/mixing process in real time. It allows operators to precisely determine its effectiveness and identify areas for improvement and problems before they disrupt production. The performance of your production is in fact directly impacted by that of your equipment.
For example, operators can compare unplanned idle and downtime to planned uptime and quickly take corrective action. Additionally, preventative maintenance can be scheduled based on equipment usage, reducing machine repair costs and avoiding production downtime.

Technosilos OEE is available under the Service Agreement Program for Technosilos and Technosilos Liquids.


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