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Scrap dough processing


  • From 30°C in silo to 14°C in mixer
  • Handling of leftover bread or dough
  • Enhanced freshness and shelf life
  • Save raw materials
  • Improve water absorption


Industrial applications of Scrap dough processing

Our dissolver tank is designed to rework leftover baked, par baked, or even unbaked dough in just a few minutes, turning waste or scrap into a valuable ingredient.


About Scrap dough processing

Product is fed into the dissolver tank and an equal part of water is added. The unit blends and chops the product into an extremely fine suspension which is pumpable and will no longer segregate. The suspension can be stored/refrigerated into a balance tank or metered directly into the dough mixer.
An optional belt feed system can be added to speed up the overall process by feeding the tank through a bread breaker.
We offer fully integrated solutions for industrial production. From the feed hopper to the automatic, belt-driven bed drop in the Mixer, through to cooled storage tanks with integrated dosing function.

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