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Sugar milling


  • From 200 to 5000 kg/h
  • Partucle size from 75 to 200 µm
  • Sugar can be stored without agglomerate
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Technology of our icing sugar crushers

TechnosilosAP designs miiling stations for the reduction of crystal sugar into icing sugar.
They are available for flow rates from 200 kg up to 5,000 kg / h and particle sizes from 75 to 200 µm.
The icing sugar can be stored in a homogenization tank with a reverse helical screw, to prevent lumps and caking, or it can be immediately conveyed for the downstream process.


Characteristics of crystal sugar icing sugar spraying stations

  • low rates available from 200 to 5000 kg / h
  • Particle size between 99% <24 µm and 95% <75 µm
  • Resistant to 10 bar (g) to prevent explosion
  • ATEX 94/9 / EC compliant for installation in zone 22
  • Bag unloader with integrated sieve for receiving sugar in bags
  • Suction of fines
  • Conveying by pneumatic transfer


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