MES and IT technologies


  • Intuitive recipe and planning management
  • Complete traceability of automatic and manual products
  • Management of Mixers
  • Management of the Allergens
  • Management of Cleaning
  • Integration into information systems (ERP)
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Technosilos designs, develops, and commissions raw materials management systems in the form of individual HMI (operator terminals) or HMI/SCADA


HMI interfaces

HMI interfaces operate on the principle of a PLC and an operator terminal. HMIs allow data collection and strict management of recipes, both in terms of automatic and manual ingredients, as well as mixers. The open architecture (System Open) allows the integration of barcode or RFID readers for the automatic identification of raw materials.
The user-friendly interface offers intuitive and guided management for the operator to avoid weighing errors, and meet all the requirements of European regulation 178/2002

SCADA supervision and data acquisition

The complex management of collected data is covered by the Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA). SCADA allows complete management of raw materials and mixers, both in terms of recipes, planning, visualization and batch traceability:

  • Raw materials management
  • Connection to the inventory management system
  • Recipe management and manufacturing order planning
  • Identification and management of manual products, with/without barcode readers
  • Control of mixer cycles
  • Allergen management
  • Assistance with cleaning and inspection frequencies
  • Archiving of the entire production process, including manual ingredients

Strict management of recipes and the collection of all manufacturing data make it possible to measure and thus improve line performance through precise and redundant production.
Both automatic and manual tasks are tracked and facilitate transparency of operations, for spot inspections or audits, as well as in the event of product recalls.
Different programming languages are used such as WinCC to achieve the highest level of redundancy, flexibility and scalability.
The software offers complete visualization of work in progress. It easily integrates into existing or future information systems such as ERP (SAP, Navision). MES functions and additional management modules can be implemented according to our customers’ needs to drive, track and manage information to and from production.


Industrial Mixing Technologies

Food, bakery and mix industries