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Goodman Fielder goes Technosilos for the retrofitting of its mixing-packing operations.

Goodman Fielder was formed from the merger between Allied Mills and Goodman Group. It mainly produces and distributes bakery products, dairy products, margarine, oil, and sauces. The company employs over 5,000 people and has some 120 brands including Meadow Fresh, Puhoi Valley, Bouton D’or, Tararua, Vogel’s, Quality Bakers, Molenberg, Natures Frais and Meadowlea. Its main operations are in New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and New Caledonia, with more than 40 manufacturing sites.
In 2015, Goodman Fielder was acquired by two leading food companies in Asia: Wilmar International and First Pacific.

As part of the redevelopment of its operations, Goodman Fielder called on Technosilos to double its capacity and modernize a mixing-packing facility. The project includes the addition of storage silos, pneumatic conveying and automatic weighing of the flour and the raw materials in bags. The facility can supply two packing zones of 1 kg and 25 kg respectively which can work simultaneously.
A crucial point is the question of Hygiene and Safety. The HACCP design will be included with materials without dead zones, detection of foreign bodies, sieving and dedusting of solid raw materials.

Safety for receiving bulk flour and storage equipment

The flour is stored in indoor silos made of High Density Polyester (HTP) with a total capacity of 80 t. Indoor silos prevent the risk of condensation with hot flour and reduce maintenance intervals. An equipotentiality detection device provides active safety when filling from the mill. Load cells automatically monitor stocks.
The flour is conveyed by a pneumatic transfer to two buffer silos for the 1 Kg line and metered in line on the 25 Kg line. The two packing lines are fed simultaneously and indifferently from the silos to the receiving cyclones where the air is chased through filters. The various material flows are directed to the receiving cyclones via the diverter valves.
Special flours are delivered in bags and weighed from 50 g to 15 kg, then conveyed from the mixer foot offering better ergonomics for bag handling and operator safety. Vacuum systems are ideal for feeding mixers because they operate in a closed circuit without emitting dust.

Intensive mixing and oil injection

The HPM horizontal mixer is the ideal machine for obtaining extremely high quality and repetitive mixes. It allows the addition of oil up to 5%. The mixing time of 2 to 3 minutes allows for up to 10 dosing-mixing-packing cycles per hour. A buffer hopper doubles the mixing capacity by mixing while bagging at the same time. Large inspection door allows access to inside of mixing chamber for cleaning. Dust filter helps reduce dust emissions when handling bagged materials and loading solids onto the mixer and baggers.

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