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Pastificio Rana modernizes its production line storage and distribution systems

Pastificio Rana is a manufacturer of pasta, sauces and ready meals in Verona, Italy. The company started in 1962 with tortellini and has since expanded its range to conquer the world. Rana ravioli is now present in 38 countries.
  • Leader with ravioli everywhere: Italy 36.2%, France 26.4%, Spain 37.8%, United States 24.7%, United Kingdom 20.5%
  • 545 million euros turnover in 2015, 60% of which was exported
  • 350 fillings proposed for the ravioli
  • 18 production lines which produce 12 million ravioli every day for Europe only
To give shape to their ideas, Pastificio Rana must continually rethink and update production processes to improve its performance and guarantee optimal food safety.
In 2020, Rana called on Technosilos for the modernization of its storage systems and distribution on the various production lines. Particular attention is given to the flexibility of the feeding systems, each silo being able to feed several lines simultaneously.
Ingredients and products are subject to constant analysis and 150,000 checks are carried out each year. The silos are designed in accordance with the strictest sanitary requirements, without retention, humidity is controlled, the extraction system allows FIFO emptying in successive layers. The semolina and flour are sieved without degrading the grain size and securing the process. The different batches of semolina and flour are traced from the silos to the mixer.