Préparation des crèmes chez Delifrance

Cream preparation at Délifrance

Dosing- Mixing- Pasteurizing- and Crystallizing. The PCSD-15 preparation tank makes creams and glaze at Délifrance…

Délifrance develops fresh and frozen bakery, pastry and catering products for retail bakeries, professionals, and mass distribution.
The company has 3,400 employees and makes 1.8 billion pastries per year at 14 production sites in France, Europe and Asia. She has absorbed Appétit de France, Krabansky, Touflet Gourmet, Sofrapain, Farandole gourmande, Sefa and Le Pain croustillant in the United Kingdom.

Creams and icing for éclairs and chouquettes are prepared in PCSD-15 process tanks where the raw materials are dosed, mixed, pasteurized and then crystallized.
The first tank allows to measure, mix, and cook the ingredients. The cooling phase takes place in this same tank to drop the temperature within 30-40 ° C. The cream is then transferred to a double-skin storage tank for the circulation of glycol water where cooling is finalized. The product is then available for injection.
Two storage tanks allow continuous work: while one is in the cooling phase, the second is in production supplying the injection system. This arrangement makes it possible to avoid the handling of mobile vats and to feed the line directly, while improving hygiene. It is also possible to fill mobile vats and finish the maturation in a cold room. The cream is ready after 1 day for injection.
Délifrance is based on HACCP standards for food safety in the food industry. An automatic CIP allows cleaning of tanks, piping circuits, and rinsing of mobile vats.

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