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Champions of Sourdough

Tony Papas and Michael Klausen’ Brasserie Bread bakery café supplies premium products to the leading food industry professionals in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and has emerged as Australia’s leading artisan bakery.
Brasserie Bread make real sourdough bread, starting with the preparation of their starter culture. The starter is now 20 years old and gives their sourdough bread its complex flavor and crumb structure. Brasserie Bread contracted Technosilos to design and supply their automatic sourdough tank system.

Sourdough preparation tank

Baking fresh artisan sourdough bread is very time consuming and uses a natural fermentation process similar to that of making wine and cheese. Brasserie Bread’s sourdough is leavened slowly with a natural Starter, with each loaf taking a total of 3 days to produce. Baker’s yeast is never used in their sourdough breads.
Technosilos and W&K supplied a fully automatic system to duplicate the artisanal method for making levain from Starter.
Mixing, Fermentation, Storing and the delicate and natural duplication of the levain are respected. Detailed instructions are given to the system to successfully activate, feed and use Starters in bread making.

The following process is followed to produce the Sourdough:

  • Mixing
    The Starter is mixed in with organic unbleached wheat flour, spring water, salt and malt. The flour is automatically dispensed from bigbag dischargers and gently mixed with the ingredients. Mixing has 3 purposes; distributing the ingredients, developing the gluten and starting the fermentation.
  • Fermentation
    During the fermentation process the natural yeasts are activated at the commencement  of the gluten development, which is essential for the structure of the bread.
  • Holding
    The Sourdough holds in the tank where it is further automatically dispensed to mix with the dough.

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